Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

Login Details

If you had an account on the old, your username has been copied over to this site. An email to reset your password was sent from but may have gone to your spam/junk folder.

You can reset your password yourself by clicking Forgot Password

New User Registration

If you are a new shopper to, welcome! You can register for the site at the Registration Page. Please include your customer ID if you have an existing customer account with us.


Purchase History

We have copied your purchase history over to the new from the old so all your previous purchases are available.

You now have the ability to restrict your search to only your previously purchased items using the checkbox that is next to the search field.

Shopping Lists

Shopping lists are permanent lists of products you select and are intended to quickly and easily group commonly ordered items. To open a list, click the name of list. From the list view, users may add one or more items to their cart.

Throughout the store, users may also add items directly to their list using the Save to a List button. This is an effective way to gradually create a list while browsing products.

As an added convenience, users may add one or more items to a list from the cart view.

Searching and Filters

You can continue typing right after submitting a search or after adding a product and what you typed will go right into the search box for the next item search

Filters must be activated by clicking the funnel icon in the top right of the search results. You can then select which types of each category of filter you want to use to narrow your search. You can filter by multiple values per category, for example searching for shades of A1, A2, and A3 at the same time.

Call us

In case any technical issues please call us at (800) 474-6111 or use the Report Issues button in the lower-right corner of the page to submit a problem directly.