Redefining the relationship between the distributor and the dental practice.


This is who we are. This is who we will be:

Midway is a 34-year-old start-up. We will expand the benefits of our partnership to dental teams and organizations—benefits that tether us in success. Our path is clear as we continue to spread across the U.S.

Midway Dental has found itself in the spotlight as the fastest-growing full-service dental supply company in the United States. With the transition from mom-and-pop to a renowned dental company comes the chance for us to transition an age-old industry into a technologically driven, progressive arm of the marketplace. In the pursuit of this goal, we have found ourselves pitted against multibillion-dollar dental legacies who challenge our commitment to change. That challenge is accepted.


  • Over 65,000 Inventoried Supplies
  • Equipment & Technology with Financing
  • A Service Fleet in Each Market
  • Comprehensive Practice Support in Two Forms:

    Midway Services: Education,Lab, Financing, IT Support

    Partnered Services: SEO Websites, Staffing, Medical Billing, Accounting, Office Supplies

connect Membership with a Network of Benefits

Free shipping on merchandise Free or discounted education courses
+priority registration
$55 Zirconia crowns Discounts with partnered services Exclusive rates with Midway Capital Trip-fees waived with Midway Service Exclusive deals on merchandise 4% back on merchandise, 2% back on equipment*

*redeemable on Midway equipment

$149/month or $1688/year up front

Join the network

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Supplies, Service, & Equipment Done Right
The Midway Education Center for getting up to speed
U.S.-based dental lab for impeccable zirconia crowns
Midway Capital services for the big stuff
Information technology support
Staffing connects you with your future dream team
Medical billing brings you closer to 100% collection
Savvy accountants fatten your piggy bank
SEO marketing broadcasts you to your audience
Office supplies for a one-stop shopping experience


The heart of the Midway network is dental supply.

Our foremost duty in partnership with dental practices is to make sure they receive their dental supplies at a fair price and on time. We ship with double corrugated boxing to keep everything safe. We leverage prices with manufacturers so that practices can take their savings back to where it belongs: patient care. Our account representatives answer questions, provide alternatives, and find tailored solutions for every Midway client.

Midway Select

Midway Select entered the supply market in 2018. In the creation phase, select manufacturers were brought together in symphony under one familiar name. Some were better with rubber; others with metals and plastics. Today, we carefully orchestrate each producer, based on strengths, to place high-quality products on your shelves. No brand-bombardment. Simple packaging with relevant product images makes it easier for you to find what you need.

  • Simple
  • Sophisticated
  • Conservative pricing

Equipment + service

We exclusively source equipment that we are 100% certified for installing, servicing, and maintaining. That is to say, we sourced all the equipment that you will ever need. Our technicians are unparalleled in their skill, so we got them new signature fleet vehicles to match their reputation.

When you sign-up for pre-scheduled maintenance—a must for high-efficiency practicing—we provide special pre-set rates. Emergency services are always available if all else fails.

Dozens of Manufacturers Text for service Emergency service Pre-scheduling Team Training True Full-Service Professionals
forest equip

dream offices.

We specialize in office rebuilds, operatory workflow efficiencies, and pairing the right equipment with you're new office if your planning something big.

Specialize is a widely used term—allow us to explain. Few people can intersect dentistry, operatory work-flow, and construction with branding and design. These services don’t sit behind a fort defended by one large and unforgiving purchase price. Mix-and-match. We will take on as much or as little responsibility in your office as you prefer.

CAD Design Team Workflow Prioritization Midway Capital Financing
office design equip


We saw a problem
we made solution

The cost of running a practice goes up, reimbursements are harder to get, and patients require higher-quality care at a lower cost. Lab quality and cost intersect with all these issues. We made a solution. We can leverage our client base to create a high-quality US-based dental lab with competitive pricing.

We settled on the type of lab work: Zirconia Crowns made in the USA

Contact your Midway Representative for more information or call

+1 800-474-6111 Option 7

For a single unit Zirconia Crown


Midway Connect member price

$55* connect

*or if client buys an intraoral scanner from Midway


New, flexible financing.

Terms of finance can extend from 24 to 72 months, with options that range from a minimum project cost of $10,000 and for up to 100% of purchase price including product cost soft cost, sales tax, freight, and installation. Loans up to $150k will only require a simple one-page application and same-day loan approval will typically be granted within hours.

connect special rates for Connect members

Contact your Midway Representative for more information or call

+1 800-474-6111 Option 6

Subject to credit approval, we can provide creative payment options, easing cash flow, and freed up working capital for:

Growth Business expansion Operating expenses

Midway Capital ensures fixed monthly payments that guard clients against:

Inflation Hidden fees Escalating terms often found in conventional business loan


What is Midway

We created an IT arm that combines industry-specific knowledge of dental software with the more general practices of hardware installation and maintenance. Technology dominates dentistry, it’s complicated, and it costs time and money to stay updated. Our exclusive, cost-effective IT service for Midway Clients has everything you need to run a dental practice with computer technology.

connect trip fees waived for Connect members

Contact your Midway Representative for more information or call

+1 800-474-6111

IT Services

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • In-house Backup
  • Wiring
  • Monitors +Mounts
  • Printers
  • Digital Xray Equipment
  • Dental Cameras
  • Cloud Services
  • Antivirus
  • Remote Access
  • Dental Management Software
  • Digital Imaging


  • $1350/yr up to 10 computers
    • ($75 for every computer after)
  • 2 hrs onsite maintenance
    • quarterly ($125/hr after)
  • $30 trip fee


  • $175/hr
  • $30 trip fee
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