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Gendex Sensor Trade-in Program

           Limited Time Offer — Effective October 1 to December 31, 2017

           Doctor Name                                                             To guarantee a quick processing of
                                                                                   your trade-in request, please fill out
                                                                                   the following form including your
           Practice Name                                                           practice information, product name
                                                                                   and the serial number(s) of the
           Address                                                                 sensor(s) or DenOptix you would
                                                                                   like to trade-in.
                                                                                   Note: Visualix™ eHD serial numbers can be
           City/State/Zip                                                          found on the back of the blue electronic box
                                                                                   (also known as IME) attached to the sensors.

                                                                                     Dealer Sales Reps:
           Phone                                Fax                                  Attach this form to your order.

                                                                                     Dealer P.O. #:
           Brand               Product Name       Serial Number(s)

                                                                                   *Promotion Details
                                                                                   To qualify, all Gendex Visualix GX-S,
                                                                                   GX-S HDI, and/or eHD, trade-in sensors or
                                                                                   DenOptix PSP units must be able to capture
                                                                                   an image and be returned to Gendex within
                                                                                   30 days of the new GXS-700 Sensor(s)
                                                                                   delivery to avoid incurring a penalty charge
                                                                                   of the difference between the trade-in price
                                                                                   and MSRP. A return shipping label is provided
                                                                                   with your new Gendex sensors. Each
                                                                                   trade-in sensor qualifies for a discount on
                                                                                   one (1) GXS-700 Sensor and each DenOptix
           ✗                                                                       trade-in unit qualifies for a discount on two
                                                                                   (2) GXS-700 Sensors. The acceptance of this
                                                                                   trade-in offer will terminate any residual
           Doctor’s Signature                                     Date
                                                                                   warranty and/or Total Protection Coverage
                                                                                   on the replaced Visualix eHD sensor(s). All
                Doctors: Send completed forms to your Gendex or Dealer Sales Rep.  new GXS-700 Sensors include two (2) years
                                                                                   of standard manufacturer’s warranty.
           All fields must be completed before Gendex can process the promotion order  PROMO CODE (SIZE 1)
                                                                                   PROMO CODE (SIZE 2)
           Terms & Conditions                                                      GXLOYALTY939
    ©2017 Gendex Dental Systems, KK00042/C9.17  any other Gendex promotions, discounts, coupons or special offers. Promotions available
           Offer valid on qualifying merchandise purchased between October 1 and December 31, 2017.
           Incomplete redemption forms will not be processed. This offer cannot be combined with
           to Authorized US and Canadian Gendex dealers only or through a qualified government
           contract. Paid dealer invoice of qualifying purchase must be received by December 31, 2017
           or it will not be processed. Promotion available ONLY on new orders. All offers are subject
           to change without notice. For Gendex product ‘Indications For Use’ visit

           Gendex Dental Systems | 1-800-323-8029 |
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