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 THAT CAN’T BE BROKEN  More dentists

 choose                                           120º
 Encore ®  D/C  dual-cure  core  buildup  composite  and Connexio ™   ENCORE  D/C +  Less Splatter. Less Friction.
 self-etch bond are a perfect product pairing!  The only disposable prophy angle that oscillates in   What if your
 CONNEXIO !  a 120º counter-rotational motion to reduce splatter
           and frictional heat.                                                 patients knew
                                                                                  they’d been
           TPLUSPASC-Q318             Soft Cup, gray               BUY 2            sharing?
           TPLUSPAFC-Q318             Firm Cup, white   of the same
           TPLUSPATB-Q318             Tapered Brush
                                                      GET 1
 +  =      Not made with natural rubber latex  ®     shipped with order

 Makes Core Buildup Easier & Better                              Unique one-way valve prevents backflow!

                                                                  Use the all-in-one saliva ejector, or choose standalone valves to
 ORDERING INFORMATION:  *  A concentrated enzymatic cleaner for    retrofit your favorite saliva ejector or HVE tip.
            continuous, high-performance suction.
 REF 310254   Encore ®  D/C MiniMix ® , Natural, 36-pk.   $ 394.99  Buy 3 Get 1 FREE  M1000WHBU   SAFE-FLO® Saliva Ejector, White
 REF 310255   Encore ®  D/C MiniMix ® , Contrast, 36-pk.   $ 394.99
 REF 310129   Encore ®  D/C MiniMix ® , Natural, 12-pk.   $ 142.99  OR Buy (2) 36-packs of Encore ®  D/C MiniMix ® ,   M1001CLBU   SAFE-FLO® Saliva Ejector, Clear
                                                                             SAFE-FLO® SE Valve, Blue
 REF 310130   Encore ®  D/C MiniMix ® , Contrast, 12-pk.   $ 142.99  M1030HVSE   SAFE-FLO HV Valve, Gray
 REF 310270   Connexio ®  Self-Etch Bonding Agent Kit   $ 164.99  Get (1) 12-Pack at no charge*  1-gallon bottle  for use with HVE Lines
            JVAC-Q318           SANI Vac® Evacuation            BUY 1
                      System Cleaner                              M1020ADAP   SAFE-FLO Adapter, Blue and Gray
                                                                             Allows the use of HV suction line with a standard saliva ejector
 *Free good must be same or lesser value. To redeem your no charge goods, email your qualifying Midway Dental invoice dated 7/1/18 - 9/30/18 to   GET 1
 Invoices must be received by 10/31/2018. Offer valid in U.S. only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must mention code: Code #MWD-0718.                                                       © 2018 Centrix, Inc.  shipped with order  Not made with natural rubber latex
                                                                  Better fit. Better filtration.
                                                                  Better protection.
            Concentrated solution removes
            organic/inorganic soils from flexible                  ASTM LEVEL 3
            and delicate instruments.                                            High to Moderate Barrier Protection
                                                                  GCFCXSSF-Q318        Ultra® Sensitive Earloop Mask
                                                                              w/ Secure Fit® Mask Technology - White  Aluminum nose
            1-gallon bottle                                                                                    and chin strips
            JED-Q318              SANI ProZyme®       BUY 1       40/box                                      reduce gapping
                     Enzymatic Detergent                          GCFCXSFSF-Q318      Ultra® Sensitive FogFree™ Earloop    and fogging.
                                                     GET 1                    Mask w/ Secure Fit® Mask
                                                    shipped with order        Technology - White
                                                                  GCPWSSF-Q318       Ultra® Sensitive FogFree™ Earloop
                                                                              Mask w/ Shield w/ Secure Fit® Mask
                                                                              Technology - White

                                                                   ASTM LEVEL 2   Moderate to Low Barrier Protection
            Single-dose packaging, smooth
         © 2018  Crosstex International, Inc. 0618 DADC00176  50/box  Mint  shipped with order  GCPLVSF-Q318            Procedural Earloop w/ Secure Fit®          shipped with order
            consistency and flow make application
                                                                  GCPBLSF-Q318            Procedural Earloop w/ Secure Fit®
            a breeze.
                                                                              Mask Technology - Blue
                                                                              Mask Technology - Lavender
                                                                  GCPPKSF-Q318           Procedural Earloop w/ Secure Fit®
                                                      BUY 2
                                                                              Mask Technology - Pink
                                                                                                              BUY 3
                                                      of the same
                                                                                                              GET 1
                                                                  Learn More:
                                                      GET 1
                                                                         Not made with natural rubber latex
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                                                                                                          0 / 100 / 63 / 29    PMS 201C  50% BLACK
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