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          US                        This is who we are. This is who we will be:

            Midway is a 34-year-old start-up. We will expand the benefits of our partnership to dental teams
                 and organizations—benefits that tether us in success. Our path is clear as we continue
                                                 to spread across the U.S.

            Midway Dental has found itself in the spotlight as the fastest-growing full-service dental supply
               company in the United States. With the transition from mom-&-pop to a renowned dental
           company comes the chance for us to transition an age-old industry into a technologically driven,
             progressive arm of the marketplace. In the pursuit of this goal, we have found ourselves pitted
                 against multi-billion-dollar dental legacies who challenge our commitment to change.
                                                That challenge is accepted.
                                          WE HAVE

             Over 65,000 inventoried supplies                 Comprehensive Practice Support in Two Forms

                                                                Midway Services: Financing, Lab, Continuing Education
             Equipment & Technology with Financing
                                                                Partnered Services: SEO Websites, Staffing, Medical Billing, Accounting
             A Service Fleet in Each Market

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