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                                                                                     Buy 1 Nupro Freedom
                                                                                Cordless Prophy System Package,
                                                                                       Get a $100 Rebate!

                                                                                     Buy 1 Nupro Freedom
                                                                                     Cordless Prophy System
                                                                                    Package with  Foot Pedal,
                                                                                       Get a $150 Rebate!

        Preventive is ...                                                     Nupro  Polishing

                                                                              Ensure your office is complying with CDC guidelines.
        protecting your patients                                              The Nupro Freedom  Cordless Prophy Package provides
                                                                              a cost-effective solution designed to comply with CDC
                                                                              Infection Prevention Guidelines, with Autoclavable Outer
        while polishing.                                                      Sheaths, Disposable Barriers for the Inner Module, and
                                                                              Disposable Prophy Angles.
                                                                              Visit today to learn more.
                                                                              PROGRAM RULES: No charge goods must be of equal or lesser value than least expensive
                                                                              product purchased. Purchase must be made from Midway between 4/1/18 and 6/30/18.
                                                                              Invoices must be received no later than 7/31/18 to claim no charge goods. Purchase must
                                                                              be made on ONE (1) invoice. To receive your free goods, submit invoice noting promotional
                                                                              code(s) AND FREE GOODS REQUESTED by scanning the invoice and emailing it to
                                                                     or fax invoice to 1-800-278-4344. Incomplete submissions
                                                                              will not be processed. Limit 5 redemptions per Doctor. These offers may not be combined
                                                                              with any other Dentsply Sirona offers or contract agreements. Free goods fulfilled through
                                                                              Dentsply Sirona. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Offers valid in the 50 United States only. Data
                                                                              on file. © 2017 Dentsply Sirona Preventive. COM03-0217-2 Rev. 2

          BioSonic® WipeOut                                               BioSonic® Solutions

         • Maximize efficiency with one-minute kill on 25 pathogens       • MeterDose® dispensing bottles
         • Compatible with common materials in the dental office          • Super concentrated
         • Low toxicity rating                                            • Super effective
                                                                          • Super convenient

         BUY 9 canisters of XL wipes
         GET 3 of the same*
                    promo code: DA-1203
         BUY 9 canisters of large wipes
         GET 3 of the same*
                    promo code: DA-1204

         BUY 5 bottles of spray                                                           BUY 3 bottles of UC30 or UC32
         GET 1 of the same*                                                                             GET 2 bottles
         *Dealer fulfilled  promo code: DA-1205
                                                                                                      promo code: DA-1202

        Call Us: 800.221.3046  |  Fax: 330.645.8757  |
        PROMOTION CODE MUST BE NOTED ON INVOICES FOR REDEMPTION. All invoices must be received by July 31, 2018.
        REDEMPTION INFORMATION: Submit your free goods request to: or fax your request to 330.645.8757. Please include
        first and last name of ordering party, full office address, phone number and email address on your faxed information.
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