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D     E     N      T     A     L

      Midway Client Rewards takes cash off equipment purchases based on the
         business you do with us. There's no convoluted agreement or changes
                       down the road. Just earn points through purchases.

                         That's the short version, but let's sweeten the pot
                                                    a little more...

         Each client tier comes with its own set of extra bonuses that are on the
            house. Those include everything from free preventative equipment
         maintenance to free online courses. We look forward to rewarding our
                    clients for their commitment to doing business with us.

        100 points = $1 towards your next equipment order with Midway. $1 spent on supplies = 1 point while $1 on equipment = ½ point.
               Clients are automatically enrolled when they spend with Midway; tier placement is based on their prior year’s spend.
                                     Points are valid for 3 years from when they become available.

                                                                                                   Spend Annually
                                                                                                   to Qualify:
             D  E  N  T  A  L                             D  E  N  T  A  L
                                                                                                   • Select: $25k - $49,999

                    SELECT CLIENT                                 pREFERRED CLIENT                 • Preferred: $50k- $74,999
                                                                                                   • Elite: $75k – $99,999
                                                                                                   • Executive: $100k +

                                                                                                  MEC VIPs automatically
                                                                                                  become Elite.
             D  E  N  T  A  L                             D  E  N  T  A  L
                                                                                                  If already Elite, client
                                                                                                  becomes Executive.
                     eLITE CLIENT                                 eXECUTIVE CLIENT                Or
                                                                                                  Spend 100k + on
                                                                                                  equipment and
                                                                                                  become Elite.
                                                                                                  If already Elite, client
                                                                                                  becomes Executive.

                                  •  800.474.6111
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